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The 'Forstwirtschaftliche Vereinigung Altmark' (FWV - Forestry Association Altmark) is a superordinate association serving as a service and strategy centre for forest operation associations and individual entities in the German State of Saxony-Anhalt. On behalf of our members and customers, we conduct the full end to end sales process for approx. 150,000 solid cubic meters of timber per annum until the purchase price is credited on the forest owner's account. As part of the forestry care, the 'sScale' timber measuring is conducted to a large extent by the 'Landeszentrum Wald'. The digitally provided 'sScale' surveying results enable the FWV to sell the timber on behalf of the forest owners in a documented, legally secure and extremely efficient manner (transparency in all directions). 

Frankas Fišeris

Generalinis direktorius


„Forstwirtschaftliche-Vereinigung-Altmark Klötze“

"Since its introduction at 'Thüringen Forst' in 2009, 'sScale' has become an important part of the timber logistic process. It led to a considerable relief of the district managers on site and to an acceleration of the provisioning of operational data. The individual work steps of the lumber stacks measuring as well as all downstream data management processes are now processed promptly and efficiently, thanks to the automated integration of 'sScale' into the in-house forestry IT. The photo-optical measurement survey has replaced the very complex procedures of on-site timber measuring in the forests and replaced them with an objective, traceable and automatable process."

Sascha Schlehahn

Rinkos / logistikos vadovas

„ThüringenForst AöR“


For the networking with all business-relevant processes, today, external applications must be integrable into the forestry operating software via defined interfaces. Customers whose round timber is measured by using the calibrated, photo-optical 'sScale' system in the forest, want to integrate the measurement results into their 'Latschbacher software solutions' free of media discontinuity and as automated as possible.

For this purpose, Dralle offers a defined interface (API) via the Dralle webServer, which enables secure external data access. Our customers achieve tremendous process optimisations by networking and integrating the Dralle measurement into our own products.


Herbertas Schlageris

Skyriaus vedėjas

„Latschbacher GmbH“

"The 'Landeszentrum Wald Sachsen-Anhalt' has been using the 'sScale' measuring method since 2012. It has established itself as a state-of-the-art measuring method for coniferous plywood assortments. Here, the transparency between the forest owners, the timber customers and the support organisation, is worth being highlighted. The process sequences have become much faster and leaner since 'sScale' is used."


Jörgas Borchardtas

Medienos rinkodaros / aplinkos švietimo vadovas
„Landeszentrum Wald Sachsen-Anhalt“

"Since 2010, the deployment of 'sScale' helped to significantly standardise and simplify the lumber stacks measuring and the  provision of data for the district managers of the state-owned 'Forst Brandenburg' (LFB). Almost 100% of the fixed-length assortments can be calibrated by using 4 'sScale' systems. Thus, 'sScale' provides timely, accurate and transparently documented measuring results and logistic data for the employees of the LFB as well as for the customers of the timber industry. In addition, the mutual trust in the valuation results has become increasingly positive in recent years."


Thilo Noackas

Tvarumo vadovas

Landesbetrieb Forst Brandenburg

" 'Polterkontor' offers the measuring service with the calibrated measuring 'sScale' system in the south of Germany. With an additional external measuring capacity, we support Dralle customers - in the event of a calamity-related, unpredictable increase in the volume, temporary storage facilities or in the event of personnel bottlenecks. For Dralle customers who regularly support their logistics process with 'sScale', this results in a high degree of flexibility and responsiveness."



Ulrichas Heindlas

Generalinis direktorius


"Bavarian State Forests (BaySF))" have been using the 'sScale' photo-optical process  made by Dralle since 2007. Meanwhile, all 4 measuring units are connected via an interface to our SAP operating system. Approximately 1,000,000 solid cubic meters are measured in 25,000 individual lumber stacks. For years, 'sScale' has provided geo-data, photo documents and detailed lumber stack descriptions day after day, enabling us to significantly reduce cycle times in the logistics process. Because of their advantages, photo-optical processes are becoming increasingly important to all those involved in the timber supply chain and, sooner or later, they will become indispensable in forestry and in the timber industry."


Martinas Mülleris
Logistikos vadovas
„Bayerische Staatsforsten“

"Photo-optical measuring of round timber is more than just a measurement method: For the first time, it enables the efficient and transparent generation of digital data for the commercial and logistical process directly in the forest. It is the biggest technical innovation in the forestry and timber industry in a long time. At 'Bundesforst' we evaluate all measuring procedures according to their accuracy, transparency and traceability. With 'sScale', Dralle A/S offers 'Bundesforst' professionalism and legal certainty for the timber sales process."

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Bundesanstalt für Immobilienaufgaben

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"Our own web server space enables our customers full functionality for the processing and application of data. This ensures that every forest owner has an overview of his timber quantities at all times - from the provision of lumber stacks, via the measurement to the removal and the active release of data, e.g., to contractual partners. Our customers appreciate the accelerated processes and the excellent 'real time' documentation (even if one cannot be on-site in person). The finance authority in the German State of Brandenburg accepts the verified 'sScale' measurements as proof for calamity quantity reports: The off-site transportation immediately commences as soon as the measurement protocols are submitted."

Christianas Stuhlmannas

Generalinis direktorius

„Polterprofil GmbH“